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My Jewish CV

Howard Jackson
Mesilat Yesharim Train Minyan Active participant in Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Minyan Citibank Tel Aviv Minyan Co-founder Israel Aleph-Echad on 3rd November 2005
GIFT - JMAD Co-founder and Co-chairman
Canary Wharf Mincha Minyan Co-founder and former Mashgiach
Office of The Chief Rabbi Instigator of the Chief Rabbi’s FAITH lectures
Aish HaTorah Madrich twice on Jerusalem Fellowships programme
Teacher in Aish’s chavrutah programme
JLE Former teacher in chavrutah programme
Beit Midrash Chavrutot and shiurim
Ner Yisrael Daf Yomi participant, occasional Shaliach Tzibbur
Manchester University Worked closely with Rabbi YY Rubinstein and Rabbi Rubin
Chairman of Talmud Appreciation Society
Founder of Hospitality Society
Yeshivat Har Etzion Learnt during gap year and Elul twice
Leeds Grammar School Senior Jewish Boy, responsible for 200 boys
Chairman of Israel Society
Bnei Akiva In Leeds, Chanich, Madrich and Rosh Minyan